AttachAvi Autism Awareness!

AttachAvi Autism Awareness!

April is autism awareness month and during this month I tried my best to touch every aspect of the spectrum and its challenges for individuals and the families. Autism is an everyday reality of our family. If you look closely, you may find us. We may be struggling at the grocery store or standing with you at a soccer game. Just like you, our children are huge chunk of our heart walking around outside of our bodies. We may be rockin' an awareness t-shirt or a bumper sticker if you are curious & I smile your way feel free to ask me about it or simply chat. Being accepted is huge for us and your kindness may help us not to feel alone. I didn't post about autism for getting sympathy or pity. I talked about it to open a door into our lives to help others understand to educate and build acceptance for children and adults living with autism.

Let's join hands to spread awareness and help families dealing with this puzzle until all of the pieces fit...

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