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Halloween "Trunk or Treat" Celebration

AttachAvi celebrated the Halloween night in a unique stye. We invited parents and other supporters with treats and asked them to decorate their cars. Then we reserved the parking lot of Piscataway High School and also called the DJ with special Halloween music.

All the decorated cars were parked next to each other and the kids had a blast trick or treating and dancing to the music. Kids were awarded best costume awards and there was plenty of hot food for everyone.

The whole motivation behind the event was to provide a Halloween experience to special needs kids with much less walking and in a safe controlled environment.

This was the first time we organized "Trunk or Treat" and with the amazing success of the night, we will make it our Halloween tradition every year. The whole event was sponsored by Kohls of South Plainfield and Jersey City. Piscataway Board of Education's Special Education Department was also very helpful.

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